Best Google Ads Shopping Campaign Structure 2024 New strategy

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Best Google Ads Google Shopping is one of the most important Google advertising options at the disposal of eCommerce business owners. The key to success with Google Shopping lies in building and implementing a good campaign structure from the start.

This means dividing your Google Ads Shopping Campaign into high, medium, and low priority campaigns and including different varieties and product groups to maximize your ROI potential. In this article, we present six beginner and advanced strategies for building the best Google Shopping campaign structure and achieving maximum success.

It will also help you get back to basics by looking at the key elements of the foundation. Here is what exactly we will cover. Deciding on how best to structure your Google Shopping campaigns can be challenging – particularly if you’ve got thousands of products in your Shopping Product Feed. Do you add all products into one Ad Group in one campaign, use product group splits to divide up your products, or create multiple campaigns and multiple Ad Groups in your Google Ads Shopping Campaign ?

Best Google Ads Shopping Campaign Structure 2024 New strategy

Google Shopping Campaign Structure Elements

Google Ads Shopping To get the most out of Google Shopping, it is important to understand how Google Shopping works and how ad groups and product groups work.As with Google Ads, each campaign must include several ad groups, and within a shopping account should ensure that products are separated into groups.

The problem is that many e-commerce advertisers have a lot on their advertising plate, so to speak, and are hesitant to spend the extra time and energy needed to fine-tune, test, and optimize their Google Shopping campaigns. But if you want to stand out from your competitors, you need to put in the extra effort and get your hands dirty. But to do so, you must first go back to basics. Here we will discuss three important elements of campaign organization.

  1. Priorty Options
  2. Ad  Groups
  3. Product Groups

Understanding Google Shopping

Google Shopping refers to the product suggestions that appear at the top of the Google search results page. Your Google Shopping products will also show up on the Google Display Network, including on Gmail and YouTube, as well as in Google Images. In some countries, they also appear on the “shopping” tab of Google search results. Having your product appear there leads to obvious benefits, as people who are ready to buy are more likely to see your product at the key moment.

Best Google Ads Shopping Campaign Performance

Google Ads Shopping Every business has products that sell better than others. Surely your business has such products, too. Now is the time to honor those products and create new, exclusive advertising groups. IN Google ADS Don’t mix them with other average products, or worse, products that don’t sell well.

undling products into one group saves time, but wastes advertising dollars. By separating the best and weakest performing products into separate advertising groups, you can spend more money on products that are known to sell well and less on weak products. You can also give other products a chance to become the best.

Products with the potential to become the best can be combined with weaker products. As a result, they lose out to the best-selling products in the same ad group. It may appear that such products do not perform well, but in fact they are simply not given a chance to be shown.

Google Ads Shopping Campaign best Seasonality

For example, if you sell camping equipment and accessories, you are likely to see an increase in sales of popular festival items such as inexpensive tents and folding chairs during the summer months. In the fall and winter, you’re likely to see more traffic to ads selling sleeping bags, halfcoats and coats.

Google Ads Shopping 2024 By separating your products into separate campaigns, you can keep a close eye on rate management during the busy SKU season and track year-over-year performance to identify major trends.

How to Segment by Seasonality

Google Ads Shopping To segment according to certain dates (like October 1st to 31st), you can append a date range like “10.01-31” to products in the feed. This will help ensure those products are segmented into a different ad group, so they serve during their peak season. Then you can lower bids to or turn off those ad groups when they are out of season.

The strategy for creating campaigns is usually determined by the number of products in your feed and how you divide the traffic you bring to your account. To better manage large feeds (tens of thousands of products) and search queries, it’s best to create multiple campaigns. Here are some key strategies for creating the right campaign structure.

Best Google Ads Shopping Campaign Structure 2024 New strategy

Low value vs high-value campaigns In Google Ads Shopping

There are several reasons for segmenting by price range and running different campaigns when selling high-priced and low-priced items. Inexpensive items are often purchased as an “impulse purchase,” and consumers are unlikely to spend much time researching or considering inexpensive items.

However, when buying more expensive items, such as furniture, they are likely to visit your site several times. By splitting your campaigns, you can get more relevant data and set a more appropriate budget so that you don’t waste advertising dollars on consumers who aren’t ready to buy.

Ways to Use Campaign Priorities in Your Google Ads Shopping Strategy

Google Ads Shopping There are many ways to use campaign priorities, but the basic idea is that if you can identify items that can indicate how much conversion is possible for all, most, and many products, you can use campaign priorities to prioritize those products.

Here are 7 examples of real-life campaign setups we’ve run:

  • Keyword/Query Split
  • Bestsellers
  • Cheapest
  • Variants
  • Margins (not preferred)
  • On Sale vs Not on Sale
  • New vs Old

Seeing that you can’t use multiple priorities, then you can only selling one tactic per campaign setup. You can’t combine the query split and the bestseller tactic.

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